John 15:1-17

The Secret of Remaining

Last week we had a great discussion. We talked about Jesus (not Israel or the church) being the True vine. And his Father- the hard working, attentive, loving gardener “takes up” not cuts off- the branch laying on the ground covered in mud and gently places it where it can thrive and grow. And the stunning invitation to “remain or abide” in Jesus just as he abides in the Father. Here’s a few more questions to reflect on:

  1. There are three categories of branches described in this passage- those bearing no fruit, those bearing some fruit, and those bearing much fruit. In which category would you place yourself and why?
  2. If you are not bearing much fruit, what is Jesus’ counsel to you in these verses?

Bonus: Here’s the audio of Darrell Johnson I shared last week. The 5 minute clip I played is around the 15 minute mark. The whole series can be purchased at It was from a talk to seminary students; so there’s breadth and depth here if you are energized by that.