We can study Scripture in depth, we can read the Bible and just think about it, and we can pray responsively. These are all valid ways to interact with God’s Word.

What a soul encouraging discussion last night when we met on Zoom to look at this passage together! This morning I want to read the passage again, like I have every day, but this time pray the passage.

Jesus, thank you for the gift of peace and faith. At this moment my heart isn’t troubled. But you know I will struggle with anxiety, and when I do remind me Holy Spirit, that I am not alone. Remind my brothers and sisters in Christ that they are not alone this morning. Thank you that you want to be with us Jesus. Thank you for the confidence we have that we will never be separated from you, that we live forever with you.

God thank you that I can bring all my questions to you. Jesus you are the way, The only Source, the one who tells the truth 100% of the time, and the giver of new life. Thank you for letting me know you, for wanting me to know you even better. (Here I pause and pray for two family members that I love that don’t know Jesus like this yet)

What is this life you are inviting me into? Participation in all that you would do if you interacted with all the people that I interact with every day? Have I been doing the same things that you did, Jesus, and even “greater things”? If not, what gets in the way? Show me what to ask for, in your name. Show each of us in this virtual upper room one thing to ask for that you are inviting us to participate in...

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